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Cava Recaredo Rosado Intens - 75 Cl.
Recaredo Rosado Intens - 75 Cl. (VO04101803)
Cava Recaredo Rosado Intens - 75 Cl.Recaredo Intens Rosat represents the color intensity that can reach the grapes in the Mediterranean. Opting for authenticity in a dry, lively and profound journey that defines an essentially gastronomic style. Recaredo Intens Brut Nature Rosat is a completely dry, not containing added sugar expedition. We recommend tasting it at a temperature of 8-10 ° C. Monastrell 41% 41% 18% Garnacha VINES Pinot family winegrowers. The grapes come from vineyards located on the slopes of Bitlles River in Alt Penedès (Barcelona), in extremely calcareous soils. Biodynamic Viticulture, a step beyond ecology. We work with spontaneous vegetation cover in the vineyards to encourage biodiversity, fluffing the soil and regulate water retention and drainage in a rainfed crop as we practice. We use herbal teas to control the presence of fungi and strengthen the strain naturally. Handpicked to ensure excellent health of bunches intended for long aging. WINEMAKING Winemaking at the property. Winemaking, processing are carried out fully yCrianza Recaredo. Color obtained by macerating the must with the grape skins ink for six hours. 11% Of the cuvee has made laCrianza in oak barrels for two months. Long aging. Making foam and laCrianza bottle is made exclusively with natural cork. Cork is sustainable, recyclable and technically suitable to preserve the original meaning of a long aging cellar. Disgorged manually without freezing. The disgorgement (removal of the lees of the second fermentation in the bottle) is done by hand without freezing the neck of the bottle; artisan professionalism and respect for the environment. Harvest ADD marked by excellence in acidity and freshness of the grape. High temperatures and drought August unusual force us to harvest in just 18 days (from 12 to 30 August). Nature puts us how difficult; maturation is extremely fast, so that we increase and strengthen controls vendimiadores team to adjust to the optimal harvest times. Rains in late winter and three times the historical average vegetation cover becomes a perfect ally to regulate the timely excess water and low rainfall during the summer.
Cava Recaredo Rosado Intens - 75 Cl.
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